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edikt stands for e-Science Data, Information and Knowledge Transformation and has been running since May 2002.

In the current phase from 2006 onwards, edikt aims to:

edikt Initial Phase

In its initial phase edikt took the best research thinking in data management and databases and turned this into real data management tools that scientists could use to help them search the vast quantities of data, which research projects are generating. Projects in astronomy, language processing, particle physics, computer science and genetics have all benefited from that work. This work created BinX, meta-data format, and eldas, Enterprise Level Data Access Services, a J2EE based Web and Grid Data Access Service, that allow multiple client connections to multiple databases.

This Site

This site is a WikiWeb, which means that it can be edited by its users.


edikt is funded by the ScottishFundingCouncil and the other Partners.

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