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edikt produces new knowledge by using computational science to extract information from vast datasets, and generate models through simulation.

These web pages are a WikiWeb, maintained by the edikt2 project members. You can find out About the project, our current Activities, who is involved and the latest News from the project on these pages. Details of the past edikt projects, such as BinX and eldas can be found on the phase one website.

Several mailing lists are available for both edikt2 project members and interested parties. See MailingLists for more details.

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh can get access to a range of computational resources to run simulations and models, including the ECDF

Latest News & Events

28th April, 2010: edikt2010 took place at the National eScience Centre in Edinburgh.

27th January, 2010: The 12th edikt2 workshop hosted by EPCC in JCMB, King's Buildings.

16th September, 2009: The 11th edikt2 workshop hosted by EPCC in JCMB, King's Buildings.

29th April, 2009: edikt2009 took place in the University of Dundee.

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edikt2 is funded by SFC grant HR04019

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